Our Philosophies and Ethics

The Natural Pet Treat Company® was founded in 1999 by Harjit Sidhu, with the vision to provide a sustainable and holistic business approach in every aspect of the company. His love of natural foods led him to the pet food industry, as what goes into our pets is just as important for us as it is to their health and well-being.
From procurement through to production, the final product and our customers, our focus is about providing environmentally friendly consumer and production cycles. We have a people first attitude which means that our ethics and ability to thrive in a world of corporate greed sets us apart.

 “Return the unconditional love™” not only refers to returning the unconditional love received from our furry friends with our products, but also returning the love to our planet, which we do by making sustainable and environmentally conscious consumer choices. Reconnecting humanity with nature is a huge part of what drives our company and employees. We strive to be the change that we want to see in our world, and our company is the vessel in which we contribute to this greater picture. We believe that our philosophy at Zeal® not only contributes this, but produces superior natural pet food that your pets are bound to love!

Our focus at Zeal® is to provide environmentally friendly consumer and production cycles throughout our manufacturing process. Return the unconditional love to our planet by making sustainable and environmentally conscious consumer choices.

Our story so far.

The Natural Pet Treat Company® started operations in January 1999 as a small business manufacturing 100% natural New Zealand made treats for dogs. Over the years we launched the Zeal® brand and have to date built up a full range of premium pet food. From our humble beginning as an independent New Zealand family owned business to now, we always strive to put the quality of our products first and to not cut corners by using sub-standard ingredients in pursuit of profit. With a strong passion and kiwi ingenuity, the company has seen amazing growth over the years locally and in exports to the global marketplace. Now that we are internationally owned, we have tripled our growth while still maintaining our original philosophies.

Link to view the Natural Pet Treat Company Ltd’s registration with the New Zealand Food Safety Authority.

Our global distribution network.

Our skilled and professional team understands and appreciates quality and systems, but most importantly understands the requirements of pet lovers. You are getting the best quality product, service and follow up when you engage with Zeal® Pet Foods, The Natural Pet Treat Company and any of our distributors. We will continue to actively seek and select distributors who are committed to Zeal’s ethos and quality of service. Globally Zeal® Pet Foods are exported to over 16 countries and growing.
For a distributor in your area, please email: sales@pettreats.co.nz or contact us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/zealpetfood.
 Link to view the Natural Pet Treat Company Ltd’s Export Listing Approval to the European Union granted by the New Zealand Food Safety Authority.
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